The Roaring Twenties

2015 is the year of turning 21. Twenty-one. I’m getting on a bit, really.

21 2 21 3

Although I don’t hit the big 2-1 until the end of August (yay August babies!), a lot of my friends have already hit the landmark birthday and I’m already thinking about it and what it’ll mean, what I’ll do to celebrate it and people are already beginning to ask me what I’d like. But if I’m being honest, I can’t say I’m all that excited for it.

But it gets me thinking, why am I not as scared of turning 21 as I was of turning 20? Honestly, last year, I woke up on my birthday and nearly cried. And here’s my theory why. To me, twenty marks a big turning point. The decade where it’s more than likely that I’ll graduate, get a job, possibly even settle down, get married and start a family. That’s a lot to take in when you were only nineteen with no responsibilities the day before!

But 21 does mean cracking party hats, right?


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