On Finishing University..

Woah, what? I’ve finished my under-grad degree? Nope, not ok…


On May 29th 2015, I walked out of my final exam (well, recital) ever at the University of Southampton. To be honest, I didn’t feel all that different than I had 2 hours earlier, or even 4 weeks prior. In fact, it was all a little bit anti-climatic.

But now that I’ve been away from education for little over a month, I’m beginning to wonder what university has actually taught me. Yes, my knowledge of my subject area has become greater, I’ve learnt how to write a half-decent essay and my saxophone playing is on a completely different level to three years ago, but I feel that most of the teachings at university are applicable to my everyday life.

Mr Klock


Let’s start with timekeeping. Oh, before uni, it was alright. But now? Let’s just say that balancing essays alongside practice and attending lectures really kicked my sorry timekeeping butt.

Next up, balance. Or rather working out how I could go and have fun, but keep up with all of my work. I mean, no-one really wants to spend all of their university life holed up in their room, working 24/7 without a social life. But at the same time, it’d be equally as bad if you were to spend all of your time out and not doing any university work whatsoever. It needs to be balanced, and that applies to everyday life too.

The penultimate one?: financial control. Oh, hello there. Kathryn Firth, epic money person, at your service. Well, I’m still not great, but I’m thousands of times better than I was three years ago, put it that way.

I’d say the big one though (and this might sound cheesy) is confidence. But seriously, I was shy three years ago. Painfully. I’m still a little awkward around new and unknown people, but being shoved into a flat with five random strangers leaves you very little choice but to say ‘hello’ and get on with it. If I hadn’t said hello to some of them, I wouldn’t have the friends that I do today (ugh, *vom*).


So there it is, what university and my under-grad degree has taught me in around 350 words. Cracking.

Now for the next adventure…


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