This time last week, I had graduated. Graduated. Ooft.

By the duck pond

It was an early event – when I say early, I mean I had to collect my gown, hood and hat at 8am for my ceremony at 9.30am. That involved a 5.50am start in the hope that I might be vaguely awake (p.s. trying to put contact lenses at 6am is not fun). FamilyThe ceremony itself was pretty quick. In at 9.30am, out by 10.15 all graduated. It almost felt a little anti-climatic. My name was called, I went to the Pro-Vice Chancellor & did my weird handshake (he almost encased my hands with his own – is this a Russell Group thing? I don’t know..) while he asked me a couple of questions. Then I walked off the stage, up the stairs and that was that.


ParentsBut then came the photos.

Me & Catherine

Me & Domi

Me & Jazz

And the hat-throwing.

Hats in the air

And the realisation that we were all going completely different ways – I wouldn’t see the people that I’d spent a solid three years of my life with almost every day. That was the really sad bit.

But the ceremony almost acted as a form of closure for my three years in Southampton. It’s made me ready and raring to go for America. And it’s made me realise just how much I’ve grown as a person over the past three years (cheese-ball, *voms*). I’ve had to do some serious growing up during my time in Southampton and it really has changed me for the better.

All in all, graduation was a  good day. A really, really good day. And I get to do it all again in two years time after my masters..!


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