On Baseball and Boston.

I know nothing about sport. Nothing. Well, ok, very little. I’m probably one of the least sporty people I know. So watching Boston Red Sox play a game that resembles rounders in the UK was always going to be an interesting one..

Red Sox

It’s all because I’m classed as an international student here at UMass and the international school tries to make you feel at home in America as much as possible, that I got to see Red Sox play the Phillies on the cheap.



I think I managed to get the general gist of the game down by the 4th innings, although I’m pretty certain that I asked way too many questions about what was going on to be deemed healthy. All in all, it seemed to be a game of rounders with a few extra rules thrown in here and there.


I obviously bought the obligatory shirt, which set me back a fair few dollars, that I’ve totally decided I’ll wear to class with pride some time this semester. And to top it off, I also met some fellow Brits, and let me tell you, after a solid 10 days of not really hearing a British accent, it was so nice to hear so many!


Red Sox won, I was happy, life was good and I fell asleep on the bus home. Good times…


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