Going Apple Picking.

…so much fall! 


It came about a couple of weeks ago when myself and two of my housemates were starting to stress about practice, about marking, just about life generally when Mike suggested that the following weekend we mark something fun onto our calendar and just take the day off to chill. I feel like apple picking just isn’t all that big in the UK, so I asked if we could maybe do that, and do that we did!



Myself, Emily, Mike and my friend Sarah headed about a mile or two from our house to an orchard called Small Ones Farm, a 63 acre farm growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables. They grow over 40 varieties of apples, so clearly this was the place to be. $5 for a bag that would hold 5lbs, a quick introduction to the apples and we were off. We honestly must have spent at least 2 hours tasting and picking. It was just so nice to relax and not panic about work and grading (I’d conveniently finished my grading an hour before we left!)


To top it all off, once we had finished apple picking, we were given a complimentary mug of freshly made, warm apple cider and I was allowed to play with the bunny rabbit..! It was a good day, for sure!


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