Pumpkin-Spice Invasions.

..I’ve popped my pumpkin-spice cherry, and boy was it good! 


From what I’ve gathered, October 1st marks the start of fall in the United States, and that automatically means pumpkin-spice everything. Everywhere. People’s Instagram accounts (including my own…) are filled with pumpkin pictures, there are massive gourd and pumpkin displays everywhere, and the scent of pumpkin-spice basically fills the street.


I don’t drink coffee, so pumpkin-spice lattes are totally out of the question, but I was super determined to find something that was pumpkin-spice flavored. Instead, I managed to stumble upon a gluten-free pumpkin-spice donut from Glazed Doughnut Shop (basically my new house) in Amherst while I was out one day. Oh, holy moly. It. Was. Great. So great that I’ve had another three since then. Whoops.

UGH, I can’t even explain the taste, but it’s just SO good. Just a word of advice though – avoid pumpkin-spice flavored yogurt with a 10ft barge pole at all costs. It’s wrong.


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