Flying Home.

Flying definitely isn’t my favourite past-time. I get pretty travel-sick on buses, let alone in a metal tube 37,000 feet in the air!

I’m also not a massive fan of the whole packing thing either. Teamed with the fact that I had no scales, I was basically guessing the weight of my suitcase. After watching the girl in front of my frantically repacking her suitcases after being told they were both too heavy, let’s just say I wasn’t looking forward to putting my un-weighed case on the scales. Honestly, I nearly cried when I saw it was 0.4kg under the weight limit – sad I know.


For Trans-Atlantic flights, I tend to fly with British Airways. I’m not entirely sure why, I tend to leave the booking to my Dad, to be honest. So on Tuesday I checked into their terminal at Boston Logan Airport before finding my seat on the plane that would take me back to London Heathrow for 5.10am UK time (a solid midnight in my head..).

Now for the exciting bit – the films I watched. I finally saw Inside Out. And I sobbed, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Although, I tried to silent-sob so the guys next to me wouldn’t think that I’m too weird. I also watched the first half of Back to the Future before I fell asleep for an hour. The final part of my flight was taken up with a couple of episodes of Family Guy – the ones where they meet the Simpsons.

I hit British soil at 5.35am and felt physically sick – over 20 hours, I’d had 1 hours sleep – for me, that’s just not enough..! But I managed to storm through security, passport control and luggage reclaim before meeting my dad and sister (who’d brought me water and cookies!) on the other side of arrivals.

Now I’m home and I’m jet-lagged as heck. Blog post on that to follow..


Any tips on flying and coping with the travel sickness..?


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