New Year’s Resolutions…in December?

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Scrolling through my blog reading-list while I waited at the airport earlier in the week, Vivianna Does Makeup’s post on starting your New Year’s resolutions now really got me thinking about my own resolutions. I want to set some specific and realistic goals for 2016: ones that are going to (hopefully) better me and my life. 

First up is the classic: sweat a bit more. I feel like everyone sets this in one way or another. But instead of telling myself to go to the gym five times a week or else I’m a failure at life, I hope to take up a new exercise-based hobby in the new year. Not only will this help my health and wellbeing, it’ll force me to socialize a little more. One of my friends is/was an ice-skater, so maybe I’ll ask her for lessons…

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Second: read more. I was talking to my mum about this in the kitchen earlier – I don’t read enough non-academic stuff. Instead of setting a goal of how many books I should be reading a month, I’m going to aim to read for 15 minutes a day – preferably before I go to bed. I’m hoping that this is going to help me relax a little more, and I have a pile of books by my bed that are just waiting to be read!

Third: save some money. Again, an oldie but a goodie. However, since moving to America, I’ve found myself spending money on things that I just don’t really need. In the New Year, I hope to start saving for some traveling that my friend and I hope to do over the summer. Rather than buying loads of branded stuff, I’m going to make good use of the Goodwill store just down the road.

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And finally: stop procrastinating. This is something that I am fantastic at. I’ve become better at not procrastinating as I’ve gone through university, but it’s something that I still do. I hope that by continuing to create lists of things that need doing each day and getting up by 8am, I’ll continue to procrastinate less. I hope..

I also hope to keep working on my diet – being allergic to wheat and gluten is still messing with me & I’d like to solidify a set of foods that I know I can eat, that keep my happy and healthy.

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So there they are, the things I hope to work on most in my life next year. Some of it, like Vivianna Does Makeup suggests, I’m trying to put into practice now in December, so I don’t feel overwhelmed by it all come January 1st.


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