Tea. Also known as the axis that my world spins on. A few nights ago my friend Julia and I went to a tea shop in Northampton MA called Dobra Tea for a tea and homework session. And it was great.

I am a new woman. Seriously.


We chose Friday night to make our trip – we were both exhausted from a long week and didn’t fancy a full-blown night out. So we hopped on the bus to Northampton around 6.45pm. By 7.30pm, we were in Dobra Tea, living the high life.

It’s probably one of the cutest places that I’ve ever been to. Small, quaint, and decorated in the most hippy way known to man (so Northampton), we chose a spot in the corner of the teahouse. Over walked a waitress with menus and a bell. You ponder the tea menu (a book about 2 inches thick), then ring the bell for the waiter/waitress to return. I went for a jasmine tea with floating blossoms, while Julia went for a mint-based tea. We also decided to eat there too, opting for hummus with veggies and a triple-chocolate cookie for Julia and a gluten-free green tea cheesecake for me.

Tea is prepared (well, concocted, I suppose) on site, and the atmosphere is so soothing that, even though I was catching up on some work and marking, I still felt remarkably chilled out.

Shame that feeling didn’t last through the weekend!


3 comments on “Tea.

  1. Omg I love this post!!! In a nation of coffee lovers I thought I was the only one that loved tea 🙂

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