Trying to be healthy.

It’s not very often that a fitness-based post will grace my blog (in fact, this may be my first one ever), but recently I’ve really been trying  (note ‘trying’) to stick to some kind of fitness routine. Here’s what I’ve been doing and how it’s going.

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At the beginning of May, I drew out a workout/fitness schedule. On this I planned out my workouts, so whether I wanted to do cardio, or focus on a  specific muscle group/groups. Each day, after completing my workout, I cross out my day. This gives me a real sense of achievement (I’m secretly a 5 year old, to be honest..!).

There are a few things that I’ve learnt along the way, though.

  1.  Don’t beat yourself up if you end up missing a day. C’est la vie and all that. Just try not to make it a constant habit..!
  2. Schedule in rest days. These are so important and allow the body to, as the name suggests, rest and recuperate. It also means that you’re not in constant pain after a hideous leg-day or ab-day.
  3. Factor in cardio. Yes, toning muscles is important, but so is getting your heart pumping. Sometimes I like to try and put the two together, raising my heart rate while toning up.
  4. Drink plenty of water. I’m the absolute worst for this. Unless I really think about it, I’ll forget to drink during the day and then, just before I head to bed, I realize that my mouth feels as though I’ve been eating cardboard all day. Cue me drinking glass after glass of water to make sure that I don’t wake up with a migraine the next day, and me having to wake up to pee multiple times during the night.
  5. Eat well. You can work out alllllll you want, but eat ‘badly’ (and by badly, I mean don’t get the right vitamins and nutrients – if you want a cake, eat a cake!), and you might as well not bother. This is also key, I’ve found, to helping with my own anxiety issues.
  6. Remember the difference between healthy and skinny. I was thinking about this in the shower the other day. There’s a HUGE difference between being skinny and being healthy. It’s such a fine line, and I’ve almost crossed it a few times before. When I lost weight (I’ll probably write a post on that another time), I almost went a little too far to just skinny rather than healthy. Thankfully I managed to stay on the healthy side of the line, and I often wonder if watching my sister battle with eating disorders has had a subconscious effect on me..
  7. YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest can be the best things ever. But also the worst. While these social media platforms can provide us with motivation, ideas and inspiration, they can also be the most unrealistic things known to man. I get workout ideas from the Instagram accounts of qualified PTs, who know what they’re doing, or use workout videos on YouTube by them too. It can be so so easy to alter an image – please don’t forget this!

I’m by no means a health and fitness expert, so please don’t take my word as final or gold! However, I have done this whole weight, health thing, so I’m just speaking from experience. Health is such a controversial topic, but if any of you have any thoughts, let me know!


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