My favorite Instagram accounts.

I’m constantly on Instagram. Like, seriously. It’s kinda becoming an addiction. I follow a wide range of accounts on there, from celebrities to bloggers & YouTubers to fitness gurus. So here’s a run down of my favorite Instagram accounts at the moment. 

I’ll try and categorize these, but these accounts aren’t listed in any real sort of order. Also, I haven’t re-posted any of their photos, I’ll leave you to go and find them..(photos above from my personal Instagram – shameless plug: @kathryn_firth).

Let’s get started!

Health, Food and Fitness:

  1. feedingmindbodysoul – Chelsea posts food inspiration – all of which is vegan and all of which looks delicious!
  2. themoovement – More vegan-ness in all its glory! The Moovement is run by Emma, Hayley and Jared and they’ve recently published a vegan cookbook, which is well worth checking out.
  3. plantifulsoul – Charlotte’s account is a recent discovery for me, but I already love it. She has a YouTube channel, too, where she portrays her realistic and (refreshingly) down to earth views on veganism.


  1. pinkpixiedoll – I’ve been an avid reader of Milly’s blog (pearlsandpoodles) for years, and I love her Instagram feed equally as much. I’ve loved following her journey into motherhood, too!
  2. photoallison – Allison has a YouTube channel that I follow diligently. I know that her opinions are pretty much as unbiased as they come and I’m freaking in love with her Instagram feed. Full of everything from cosmetics, to home-wear, to travels, it’s one to follow for sure!
  3. blueeyedbiblio – Emily runs probably one of the most popular ‘bookstagram’ accounts that provides me with so much inspiration for my next reads.
  4. carrierad – Just yes, is all I’m saying. So aesthetically pleasing! I love Carrie’s Instagram (and her YouTube channel too).
  5. bekkareads – Another ‘bookstagram’ account. Bekka posts what may be the most aesthetically pleasing book photos ever that (like Emily) gives me allllll the inspiration for my next reads.

Nature/Scenery (these are some of my favorites out of the whole list).

  1. cabinlove – A feed dedicated to cabins in all the locations that planet Earth has to offer. I want to visit them all!
  2. nakedhawaii – All the nature that Hawaii has to offer, with a particular focus on turtles. Good times (also, yesterday morning they posted a photo of mermaids, so if that doesn’t make you want to follow them, I don’t know what will..!).
  3. dailyoverview – Showing all the corners of the globe from the sky. This makes you think a little bit about our planet!
  4. hedgehogswearinghats – My favorite Instagram out of all the ones that I’ve talked about, quite honestly. Hedgehogs. In. Hats. Could it get any cuter?! This feed never fails to brighten my day!

What are your favorite Instagram accounts at the moment?


3 comments on “My favorite Instagram accounts.

  1. After reading your list, I understand why you follow these. So interesting and entertaining! Happy Tuesday.


  2. turquoisetreatsdesigns

    I love the dailyoverview! I follow them as well.


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