My Favorite Bits of Workout Gear.

Since deciding to take control of my health and wellbeing around two or so years ago, I’ve found that I no longer lust after the latest fashions each season. Instead, I’m constantly eyeing up workout gear and accessories that can help me to push myself as hard as possible. I’ve gathered 6 of my favorites at the moment for you to have a little look at. 

13288450_10206437887245286_1655566210_o.jpg1. Leggings: Sweaty Betty – These are my go-to leggings if I’m doing cardio in the gym, or if I’m running (attempting to, anyway..). I actually asked for these ankle-length leggings for Christmas, and I was so happy to receive them under the tree! These are probably some of the most supportive sports leggings that I’ve ever used – I injured my back really badly over the New Year & these were the only bottoms to provide me with any type of support. From what I can remember from the website, I think these were about £50 (around $75).

13321012_10206437887285287_376164699_o2. Leggings: George@Asda – I absolutely love the print on these knee-length leggings. I spend so much time in workout gear, that I need something pretty to look at! These cost me about £10 (around $15) from the supermarket and are my go-tos when I’m doing toning/more muscle-focused work.

3. Top: Fabletics – I think I got this as part of the ‘first outfit for £22’ deal that Fabletics run. In fact, I think I picked my outfit based on this top! I love that it’s sleeveless, ensuring that you don’t overheat (especially in the gym) and I love the mesh detailing on the straps. I also love the open back – again for the not overheating thing, but also because I can show off my otherwise hidden brightly-colored sports bras underneath (it’s nice to get some appreciation for them once in a while!)

13323855_10206437886645271_1917220716_o4. Tinkerbell Sneakers: New Balance x Disney – Probably the most expensive, but most treasured, items in my workout wardrobe. I bought these while visiting Disney World with my aunt, uncle and cousin last year (see this post). They cost me $150 and I’ll probably never pay that music again for training shoes, but I like to justify this because they came with attachable wings and pom poms, plus Tinkerbell’s signature. What more could I need to make me fly on the treadmill?! (Please excuse how dirty they are in this picture: they went on a 5 mile hike the other morning..!)

13321056_10206437886765274_1693315514_o5. Yoga Mat: Amazon – An absolute essential for me: especially because I work out at home a lot. This provides my back with a decent and supportive surface. I think it cost something like $25..

13282549_10206437886725273_1406182428_o6. Yoga Block: Amazon – Since purchasing this yoga block for around $8 on Amazon, I’ve discovered just how handy they are! Not just used for my yoga practice, I use this a lot when I’m doing core and ab work, for stretching, and sometimes even for lower leg work.

I’m yet to have found a decent sports bra (obviously I have some, but none of them are really that fantastic), hence why there isn’t one on this list. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d happily welcome them!


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