Staying safe in the sun.


I’m pale. And when I say pale, I mean pale. I got Scandinavian blood from my paternal grandmother – I literally burn if I say the word ‘sun’. I have moles that I get checked on the regular. However, traveling in California tends to mean sun, so here’s how I’ve been staying safe in it – tanning, rather than burning.

Products-wise, I’ve been loving the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen. I actually bought this on offer in Target (I’ve been using SPF 30 and SPF 15) and I think it’s great. This lotion smells like coconut, something that I associate with holidays, and it has this very subtle shimmer to it. It’s also non-greasy, which has made it perfect to apply on the go, as I’ve not been left with that horrid residue that so often occurs with other suncreams. The shimmer and non-greasiness also means that it’s been great to put on my face: it hasn’t clogged my pores like other lotions sometimes do. I’m so fussy and cautious with my suncream application. I make sure for maximum protection that I slather it on at least once an hour (during the midday sun, I try my absolute best to stay out of the sun).

Another sunblock product that I’m particularly enjoying is the SunBum SPF 30 Coconut Lip Balm. I slather this on my lips on the regular. I’m also using my Aloe Vera Vaseline to keep my lips moisturized too.

To make sure that I keep my tan as long as possible, I find that it’s key to keep hydrated, both inside and out. I’m drinking around 4-5 liters of water a day to make sure that I’m not dehydrated. On my body, I’m making sure that I moisturize every night – at the moment I’m using the Suave Body Moisturizer in Wild Cherry Blossom. I’m sure I’ll pick up another one soon. On my face I’m using the Ponds Dry Skin Cream – a really thick lotion that I picked up in Walgreens for about $4 (I annoyingly left my liquids bag in my room in MA which had my usual Clarins moisturizer in it..!) and it’s perfect for getting that moisture back into my skin. On the second day here, I caught the tip of my nose and my cheekbones a little too much and found that applying a couple of coats of this before bed really helped me.

Other things I do include trying my best to stay out of the midday sun – I’ll literally frazzle if I try it. I also make sure that I take a cover-up with me (or a baggy t-shirt if I’m at the beach) just in case I can’t.


3 comments on “Staying safe in the sun.

  1. Great advice! I’m currently packing for my holiday and completely forgot about protecting my lips! Thanks so much for sharing xx &


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