Life Updates.

Hello, welcome, good to see you. I am so very aware that I’ve not been hugely active on this blog over the past month or so. Part of that is due to being in California, part of that is down to being ill (I’m having some interesting diet-based issues at the moment, that I can’t quite work out). However, there are a few things that have happened..

  1. I went to California. If you follow this blog anyway, or my Instagram (@kathryn_firth), you’ll be well aware of this fact. Check out my first two blog posts about San Francisco & Monterey by clicking the links. Posts about Vegas, The Grand Canyon, and Los Angeles are in the process of being written and edited, so keep an eye out for those!
  2. I quit performance. Some of you may be aware that I was studying for two masters degrees, but needed to make my choice between Music Performance and Music History. It’s been a long old 8 months, but I finally reached a decision and I’m still finding the whole thing a little weird. I still play and practice, but not in the same way as before. It’s odd to be playing like that after, what, 15 years(?!) of being a performer. Ultimately, my heart just wasn’t fully in the performance thing, which is totally fine, but I do find myself questioning “have I wasted my parents’ money?”. I know they don’t think that, but I can’t help but wonder..

I’ve also got some posts planned for you guys too: write ups about California, a few book reviews (I think I’ve got three in the works..), and even a couple of beauty/fashion related posts. I’m going back to posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so keep out for a post tomorrow morning..! Until then, here are a few Instagram snaps to keep you going..


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