“Love can cure anything”: 5 Seconds of Summer @ Xfinity Center Mansfield.

If any of you follow me on Instagram (@kathryn_firth), you’ll be aware from a few of my most recent posts that I saw 5 Seconds of Summer at Xfinity Center Mansfield on Saturday evening with my best friend and my two sisters. In an effort to continue to broaden my blog-y horizons, I thought I’d do a lil write up on it…

There are a couple of things that I’m always totally struck by when I see 5sos (I’ve seen them 3 times, I think. Once with One Direction at Wembley Stadium, last year at Wembley Arena and then now. Yup, that’s three). The first is that they have such a high level of musicianship and ensemble playing, something that I see so many other musicians (classical or not) aspire to reach. And they only ever seem to get better, tighter as a musical group. As a musician, it’s alway interesting for me to watch. How they all know what a slight contortion of one member’s features means. The second thing: they’re super humble about what they do. One of them’ll whack out this great solo and then be like “lol, that sucked”. I mean, whatever.

They also possess this huge stage presence. While there was a lot of screaming (like, without wanting to sound about 50 years older than I actually am, I don’t quite know how they’ve got any hearing left to be honest), there were also a couple of moments where the arena (is that what Xfinity Center is? Or is it an amphitheater..?) went dead silent when encouraged.

Their set-list choice is clever, to say the least. 5sos are the pretty proud owners of a fairly extensive discography, so I can’t imagine that picking a 18-20 song set-list is all that easy. It encouraged the audience to have a good time, but also to think, particularly evident during Vapor, when just after a speech about love and how “love can cure anything”, a fan project meant that 12,000 orange paper hearts. It was kind of haunting, but so wonderful and moving to watch (at this point, I wasn’t putting my row 6 seats to good use and watching 5sos. Instead, I’d turned around to watch these hearts light up the entire venue), and thinking about it now is sending shivers down my spine, quite honestly.

I’ve seen a lot of gigs in my almost-22 years of being alive, but this was probably one of the best that I’ve seen for a long while. I’ll just leave that there..

P.s. all photos are either mine, my friend’s or my sisters’.


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