Recent purchases from Bath & Body Works.

Bath & Body Works has fast become my favorite store since moving to the USA almost a year ago. I recently took my best friend (she bought almost the entire store to be honest) when she came to visit me and, well there was a sale on – it would have been rude not to take up the 3for2, right..?


I’m not going to lie, I got strict on myself when I walked into the store. Partly because I’m trying not to spend extortionate amounts of money. Partly because I’m trying to use up all my beauty/skincare stash before re-purchasing (that’s helping with the money thing, actually..). Partly because I can go back to the store almost any time I want to. I decided on a new shower gel (I’m running super low on my one at the moment) and two new body creams (because I like to smell nice). I think it worked out that I got the shower gel free on the offer, so I spent about $26 in total; not too shabby. Here’s what I picked up:

  1. Live Fresh – Seaside Breeze Shower Gel: A super refreshing scent full of coconut and fruit with a bit of vanilla chucked in there for good measure. I can’t wait to smell like this forever.
  2. Sunshine Days – Bright Sunflowers Body Cream: Ok, so I’ll admit, I’ve used some of this already – I just couldn’t wait. This literally does smell like summer though. It’s super fruity too, but floral at the same time. Definitely no coconut scent in this one. It’s also the quickest absorbing cream I think I’ve ever used too. I’m used to sitting around for 10 minutes waiting for my skin to drink up the product, but this was done within about 45 seconds. Good times.
  3. Beach Nights – Summer Marshmallow Body Cream: This literally smells like burnt marshmallow and a beachside bonfire mixed with a shedload of vanilla. All the good things. Definitely more of an evening scent though.

I’m ready to smell like a summer goddess.


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