10 days on hand luggage: what I took to Orlando and The Cape.

I’m extremely lucky to be able to travel. However, it comes at a price. Usually one that means I travel on hand luggage to keep the cost down a little (I mean, honestly, am I really going to pay an extra $30 to check a bag..? I think not). And, to be honest, having a capsule wardrobe (read my posts about that here and here) is proving itself to be pretty darn handy for times like these..

Here’s a little look at what I took away with me in my hand luggage case. 

Pretty Little Liars: essential packing viewing..


  1. Bright green camisole from New Look: A bit of brightness in an otherwise pretty dull wardrobe/selection of clothes. Even my other ‘colored’ clothes are pretty dark/muted. I love wearing this top with leggings or my cactus print shorts.
  2. Black tank/white tank from Target: Real basics in my wardrobe that can be worn with just about anything.
  3. Khaki green tank from Boohoo: Again, this pretty much goes with anything in my wardrobe – even the red Abercrombie & Fitch shorts..
  4. Striped khaki/white t-shirt from Forever 21: Again, a surprisingly versatile item that goes with just about everything – maybe it’s my love for khaki green that’s helping this whole thing pull itself together..
  5. Striped navy/white 3/4 sleeve t-shirt from H&M: In case it gets cold (I can’t imagine it will, but it never hurts to be prepared..). Probably the most worn item in my capsule wardrobe – it hasn’t left since I started it..


  1. White cactus print shorts from Forever 21: Possibly my favorite pair of shorts ever – they have cacti all over them. And tassels. Enough said.
  2. Red floral print shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch: I bought these in Vegas when I visited there a month or so ago. I love these for multiple reasons. Firstly, they work well on my body shape. Secondly, they make my legs look even longer than they actually are. Thirdly, the color makes me legs look super tan. I could go on, but we’d have an entire page about them to be honest..
  3. Black leggings (x2) from Forever 21: Such a basic – I have 3 pairs of these in my wardrobe & quite honestly, you never know when you’re going to need them. Perfect for traveling in, or for exploring in.


  1. Burgundy/navy striped shirt dress from Forever 21: I think this is my newest item in my wardrobe – I only added it a few weeks ago. Something a little smarter for dinners out, but can be worn with both flip-flops and Converse.
  2. Black and white printed cover up from New Look: Such an old item in my wardrobe (I think I bought this over a year ago) & I wear it all the time. Probably the second most worn item in my wardrobe after that H&M tee! Honestly though, it goes with everything because the pattern is just so subtle.
  3. Printed flip-flops (x2) from Jack Wills: For someone who lives in flip-flops almost constantly from about May to October (*raises hand shamefully*), I like to spend a little more on them as ones from Target/supermarkets tend to break fairly quickly. These aren’t too expensive (I think they retail for around £17 in the UK) and I’ve had one pair for about 3 years (this’ll be their last jaunt though, as they’re starting to wear a bit thin and the patten’s almost completely worn off). I do have a new pair with me too and another new pair waiting for me at home. Also, super comfy. Just sayin’.
  4. White Converse: Just, duh.

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