July via Instagram.

Instagram is undoubtedly my favorite form of social media. I could (and do) honestly spend hours on there just scrolling through various accounts, messaging my friends with the most ridiculous images. However, it also serves as a source for inspiration – for my gluten-allergic self, it means I can find new and exciting things to eat. 

To round off the month of July (nope, no thank you), I thought I’d gather up my Instagram posts from the month. Admittedly they’ve been a little sparse this month, but I’d say they’ve been good. Be sure to follow me (@kathryn_firth) for all the excitement.

Top-Bottom, L-R:

  1. Originally a Boomerang video: Fireworks for July 4th.
  2. Originally a Boomerang video:  Orange hearts in the air at the 5sos gig (read that post here).
  3. 5sos at Xfinity Center Mansfield.
  4. Originally a Boomerang video: 5sos mid-jump at their concert.
  5. ‘Rain’ by Cynthia Barnett – a current read & apt read as it pelted down in Amherst.
  6. Throwing a penny into the fountain at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.
  7. The view from our balcony in Orlando FL.
  8. Outside the Finding Nemo ride at Disney World (catch that post here).
  9. Heading for Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World.
  10. The view in Cape Cod MA.
  11. Provincetown MA.
  12. Originally a Boomerang video: Boats bobbing in Orleans, MA.

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