Regaining motivation.

This definitely wasn’t the blog post that I had planned for today – I was actually intending to write about my recent visit to Cape Cod, but it just wasn’t happening. There was no motivation. Hence this post. 

My motivation has dwindled rather dramatically since I returned from my travels. I’ve basically been on vacation for the past 8 weeks – whether that’s here in MA, or across the other side of the USA in CA, or further south in FL. It was nice. But, heck, is it difficult to get back into my normal routine. Instead of reading for my thesis, or sending half of the emails that I wanted to, I’ve sat and watched Netflix in my PJs for the past 6 days. It can’t be for a lack of sleep though, I’m managing a solid 7 hours-ish a night (at least). Am I sleeping too much? Who knows. The best thing I’ve managed since being home is going to get my haircut, and even that was a huge effort. I’m barely exercising – I just can’t be bothered. Oh, I’ve also painted my nails. I know I should be pleased that I’m getting out of bed, showering, changing my clothes, eating, etc., but I need to be doing more.

Maybe a change of scenery will help. As this post uploads, I’ll be (hopefully) heading onto my school’s campus & to the library in the hope of picking up where I left off before I went away.

Any tips on how I can get my motivation back..? Send help. Please!


1 comment on “Regaining motivation.

  1. Tell me about it! Losing motivation is the worst, and it’s so hard to spring back from! It’s definitely difficult to transition from vacay mode to real life mode. I think if you try harder to exercise more it’ll help a lot to get you back in your groove, I know it always helps me even though it is just soo hard to get into sometimes. Good luck!


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