The best places to look for money tips.

As part of my August goals (read that post here), I decided that I wanted to get a better grip on money and budgeting. In my quest to make this happen, I spent a solid day researching budgeting tips on YouTube & various blogs. Here are the best videos and blogs that I found.


  • My current holy grail in the world of budgeting. I actually found this blog through a random YouTube video & it really laid out the basics of budgeting for me. It sounds silly, but I’d never thought about how I wanted to categorize my spending – I always thought budgeting was giving myself a lump of money. Not a lump for rent, a lump for food, a lump for so on and so forth. This blog has such a refreshing outlook on all things finance and is definitely worth checking out!

YouTube Videos

I’ve watched a fair few videos on money and saving and budgeting over the past couple of weeks (when I say a fair few, I don’t think I want to go back and look at my YouTube history right now!). I’ve found five that really stuck out to me – whether I thought they were providing me with revolutionary ideas, or whether they were just reiterating what I already knew.

  • Rachelleea ‘Money organisational hacks $’ Right, ok. Let’s get real here. This woman is my organizational goals. I aspire to be her (her planning videos make me so happy – yes, that’s the kind of human I am..). This video gives some super simple ideas on how to be organized with your budgeting, and I’m implementing a lot of these ideas into my own budget.
  • Rachelleea ’10 ways to save money and budget’ Again, some super simple, and not necessarily revolutionary, money tips in here. But it’s amazing what you don’t think of, isn’t it.
  • VasseurBeauty ‘How I save thousands a year! Easy budgeting tips that work’ I stumbled on this one completely by accident. But oh my goodness, what a woman. She really inspired me to get kinda harsh with my budget – cutting down costs as much as possible & saving as much as possible.
  • VasseurBeauty ‘How we purchased our dream home in two years! Saving + budgeting tips’ While I’m not necessarily saving for a house (although it never hurts to dream..!), this has some pretty simple (I’m sensing a theme here..) ways to save big that I can, and have, been transferring into my everyday life.
  • ViviannaDoesMakeup ‘My top 5 meal planning tips’: Ok, so meal planning might not be what you think of straight away when it comes to budgeting, but meal planning is the best way to ensure that you’re not wasting food – and therefore money. There are a ton of meal planning videos out there, but I love this one a lot.

Are you using a budget at the moment? What resources are you finding helpful? Let me know!


2 comments on “The best places to look for money tips.

  1. This is perfect! I’m off to Uni in a month and this is exactly the kind of thing I needed! Thank you!!! 😀 x


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