The best workout videos YouTube has to offer.

There are a multitude of workouts available at our fingertips, all thanks to YouTube. But with so many, it can be difficult to know just where to begin. There are workouts that claim to rid you of hundreds of calories, workouts that promise a certain physique and so much more. But which ones are the ones that work? 

I‘m a huge fan of working out at home. I’ll go to the gym for most of my cardio, but there’s a level of self-conciousness that strikes when I’m contemplate working on toning and core strength. I’ve scoured the internet for probably the better part of six-to-eight months to find the routines and videos that work best for me. I’ve whittled my list down to eight videos that I use on a very regular basis and listed them below by YouTube channel (I’ve marked my absolute favorites with a **). 

Yoga With Adriene

**Core Strength

**Yoga Stretch

Yoga Tone


Back Fat Workout

**No-Crunch Abs


Ballet Beautiful -Hips and Outer Thighs

Ballet Beautiful – Inner Thighs

**Ballet Beautiful Swan Arms

Do you use at home workout videos or packs (think Kayla Itsines, ToneItUp, etc.)? What are your favorites? Let me know below!



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