How I sort my capsule wardrobe.

Ahh, my capsule wardrobe. We meet again. For those of you who are new, or just don’t know, I’m a huge advocate of the capsule wardrobe. The idea that you have a finite number of items that all work together is hugely appealing to my perfectionist nature. I’ve written a few blog posts here, here and here, so it might be useful to check those out before reading this post.  Anyway. The time has rolled around for me to sort my wardrobe for the fall (I changed & sorted on September 1st and it’ll be in effect until December 1st). A lot of my friends have asked how I go about sorting my clothes and figuring out what I do and don’t want, so I thought I’d write a little post on it. Enjoy! 

Ok, so the first thing I do is crack open my wardrobe (my apartment has a built in closet in my room, good times) and take a look at what’s currently in there. From the summer, there were a load of shorts and tanks – stuff that isn’t really appropriate for the entirety of fall. Here, we get a fairly warm September then it hits October and all hell breaks loose, quite frankly. We go from about 85f to 60f overnight. So those clothing items can usually go. I’ve kept out 1 pair of shorts that will see me through the transition period, but can also be worn with tights come the colder months. I’d say just from taking out the ‘inappropriate’ seasonal clothing from my closet, I lost over half of my clothes.

Next go the clothes that I just don’t wear. I get kind of harsh with myself and, to be honest, it’s the only way to be. I took out the tanks and tees that could easily be carried over to the next season with a sweater or cover up and assessed whether or not I was actually going to wear it. I lost a fair few items from here, too. These have either been passed on to friends or are waiting to go to a charity shop & to a better home.  

Finally comes the choosing of new clothes – these come from two categories: already owner and newly purchased. I’m lucky in that I’ve actually only purchased one new item for my wardrobe (it’s currently on order from Boden and I can’t wait for it to arrive!). Everything else came from clothing that I’ve had stored away since the end of last winter. I’ve pulled out some of my favorite sweaters, put back in some jeans, pulled out a pair of faux-suede shorts that I rarely wear (but am intending to wear with tights, that’s going to look cute), and I’ve put all my long sleeved Bretons back in (be still my beating heart). 

If you’re looking for any more inspiration for your capsule wardrobe sorting, be sure to check out this blog – it’s pretty great & even includes a wardrobe planner. 

What are your essentials for this fall? Let me know below! 


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