Welcoming fall with the help of Bath & Body Works.

Ah, Bath & Body Works. Probably my favorite store here in the US. This post from a few months ago went down pretty well with you all, so I thought I’d share a couple of recent purchases that I picked up at the weekend to help me welcome fall.. 


So let’s get real here for a second – I could have bought the entire store (where’s the surprise there?!). I got paid on Friday, so I really could have. But I was good. I went in knowing that I needed a new shower gel (I’m fast running out of Live Fresh – Seaside Breeze) and that I wanted to buy a candle. And imagine the look of love on my face when I saw that the 3-wick candles were $10 off; I was basically saving money, right?! I could have gone mad in there, but I’m pretty pleased I didn’t. I spent time sniffing all the scents, I made a mental wish list for Father Christmas, I figured out what I wanted to buy next time. So I’m pretty proud of my purchases overall. ‘Proud’ sounds like a silly adjective to use there, but I could have gone hog-wild and I didn’t. So ‘proud’ it is!  

  1. Orchard Leaves & Blue Sky Shower Gel: I’m super into fresh smelling shower gels, I can’t really deal with anything too sweet or cloying while I’m trying to clean myself (body butters are a different matter, to be honest). The first scent that really hits you with this is the apple and the berries – the fruits that you may associate with fall, anyway. Then there’s this sort of ‘softness’, for want of a better word, created through jasmine water, and a very light use of oak moss. It sounds like a strange combination, but it works! 
  2. Autumn 3-Wick Candle: I haven’t had a candle in so long & I’m super pleased with this one! I spent a long time smelling pretty much every fall themed candle Bath & Body Works had to offer me and finally settled on this one. There’s a real top note of apple (I’m sensing a theme here) and pine trees, followed by slightly less-prominent smells of fig and eucalyptus. It’s such a soothing, but refreshing scent: again not ridiculously cloying. In fact, I love it so much that I’m fairly certain I’ve burnt a solid third of this candle in less than a week. Send help! 

Have you picked anything up from Bath & Body Works recently? Let me know! Also, if you’re a new reader, why not click the follow button? – it’d be great to see you! 


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