October Goals.

Ah, October, the month of all things pumpkin-spice. How on earth are you here already?! Like I did in August and September, I thought I’d think about and compile a list of goals that I would like to achieve this month. They’re definitely a little school-heavy this month, but that’s ok with me – there’s a lot going on there at the moment. 


So what did I manage to achieve last month? I certainly have made good progress with my PhD applications. My personal statement is well underway, I’ve met with heads of departments and I’ve actually started filling in the online applications. I’ve also managed to stay fairly on track with my schoolwork – I’ve not found myself too stressed out..yet. Finances are something that I constantly need to work on, but they are definitely getting better. But the one goal that I’m really struggling to meet is my reading goal. Perhaps I need to re-word it.. 

But anyway, onto this month’s goals. 

  • To prepare for (and pass) my GRE tests: These tests are currently the bane of my life – I tell you, it’s the math bit that keeps getting me. I need to take these tests ready for PhD applications, so preparation is key. I’ve been working away, but I’m really upping the anti before my test at the end of the month. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to something afterwards (if I pass..). 
  • To stay on top of my school work: I’m doing fairly well with this, so I’d just like to keep it going this month, I thin. 
  • To try to get ahead with my school work where possible: I know that after this month, the assignments start to pile up, so I’d like to at least get thinking about my final projects for classes and begin to compile my bibliography. Hopefully this will eliminate some of the stress! 
  • To finish a substantial chunk of my PhD applications: We actually get Colombus day off here, so my intention is to sit at my laptop & spend half the day revising for my GREs and the other half applying for PhDs. The bit that takes the longest is definitely the inputting of personal info, so if I can get that out of the way for all my schools, then that’d be great. 
  • To come off of my laptop and phone an hour before going to bed: I’m sort of hoping that by doing this, I’ll actually read a book before I sleep, rather than sitting mindlessly on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr for hours before bed. Hopefully it’ll improve the quality of my sleep too. 
  • To continue to work on my finances: A ‘forever’ goal. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. 

Have you set any goals for this month? Let me know below. 


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