Today marks the end of the 7 Day Blogging Challenge that I’ve been taking part in this week (if you’re new, or have just missed the last few posts, check them out here). Today we’ve been asked to write about something that brings me happiness. At the risk of sounding like I’m repeating myself, I thought I’d take you through some of my most recent entries in my little book of positivity (catch the post on that here). This is a little more personal than usual, but hopefully it’ll help you to see that even the tiniest positives matter. 

  • September 22nd: “Discussing dire love lives with Brandon on the FAC lawn”
  • September 24th: “Waking up to see how well my AdoreMe blog post did yesterday”
  • September 25th: “Skyping Eleanor for her birthday”
  • September 25th: “Freyja the hamster moving in” 
  • September 29th: “Getting 94/100 (an A!) on my most recent theory test”
  • September 30th: “A great meeting with Tim”
  • October 2nd: “Laundry, bubble tea and macaroons with Greg”
  • October 3rd: “Soy Pumpkin Spice Frap!”
  • October 6th: “Baby Olivia Pearl arriving” 
  • October 7th: “Lunch with Angela”
  • October 8th: “Hanging out with Kaeli for the first time in forever”
  • October 8th: “Time at Barnes and Noble”

What’s brought you happiness and joy recently? Let me know below! If you’re new and liked this post, firstly hello! how are you?. If you really liked this post, why not check out my other posts (using the tabs at the top of the page) and hit the follow button for more? 


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