“On Wednesdays we wear pink”

Woah, two blog posts in one day?! Ah Mean Girls, you just suit every occasion, don’t you? As I’m writing this on a Wednesday   and on Wednesdays we wear pink, I thought I’d take you through some of my favorite pink beauty products. And how fitting, for October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 


Let’s start with nail polish. I love this new formula that Barry M came out with a few months ago. Unfortunately I can’t buy these polishes here in the US, but my friends and family send them out to me. These Coconut Infusion Nail Paints actually leave my nails feeling hydrated, and have the most glossy finish to them – without any gel manicures going on! I have four or five of these nail paints and my two favorite shades by far are Aloha (the bright fuchsia) and Surfboard (the pale pale pink). I get compliments every time I wear them. 


Next up, blushers. These two cheek products come from opposite ends of the price spectrum – we’ve got Clarins and Forever 21 going on here. The Clarins Blush Prodigy has been mentioned countless times on my blog, most recently here if you want to check out why I love it so much. However, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned the Forever 21 blush. I think the only reason I picked it up was because I was doing some online shopping and needed to spend $2 for free delivery (I was saving money, right…?). Honestly? – I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s unbelievably pigmented (use a light hand to save you from looking like a clown, please!), but it’s also buttery smooth and soft. It looks as though they’ve gotten rid of it from their website, but it might still be in stores. It cost me about $4 and I’m so pleased I purchased it (although when I went to take a photo this morning, I was so sad to see that it had crumbled slightly..). 


Finally, let’s take a little look at a lip gloss and mascara. Let me just clarify – the mascara isn’t actually pink, but the packaging is so I’ll take it! I picked both of these products up on a bit of a whim in Target a few weeks back. I recently wrote about the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Spice Cake here The mascara only really because I desperately needed a new one! However, I’m pretty impressed. I used the green one (clump crusher..?) for a while and loved it until I lost in on the way to the airport once. I thought I’d try a new one and this Full Lash Bloom does exactly what it says on the tin – I can’t ask for much  more really.

Do you have any favorite pink products? Let me know below! If you’re new and liked this post, firstly hello! how are you?. If you really liked this post, why not check out my other posts (using the tabs at the top of the page) and hit the follow button for more?


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