Friday scribbles.

Welcome to the mish-mash that is my brain. Today I’m going to talk you (and me) through some of what’s going on in there at the moment. Not everything, but just some of the stuff that’s sticking out to me right now. This is kind of word-vomit, if you will; me trying to make sense of a very busy time period. 

I’m slowly learning to live in the moment and to appreciate that moment more. There are a few Instagram posts that I’ve made that exemplify this – mainly moons or sunsets. They hold so much beauty, yet I’ve never taken the time to actually admire them, and for that I’m embarrassed. But now I’m letting myself see the beauty that nature has, I’m letting myself take a break from work to stand in my apartment’s parking lot for 10 minutes and stare in amazement, I sit with my friends and we drive through the most spectacular colors that a New England fall has to offer us. 

I’m becoming less harsh on myself, I’m starting to give my intelligence some credit – perhaps I’m not that daft after all. I’m gaining belief and confidence in my abilities. Everyone has their good days and bad days, and sometimes my performance can be attributed to this. It’s not the end of the world. I’m learning to recognize when I need to take a step back to help me to gain perspective. I’m realizing that my best might not always be an A. If I’ve worked as hard as I can and my best is a C, then my best in that particular subject is a C. 

I try to better the lives of others, too – I try to donate a small amount of money each month to a charity of my choosing. Even if I’m having a bad day, the knowledge that my donation might help someone else’s always cheers me up. 

Most importantly, I’m taking time for myself – I’m tending to my own wellbeing. I’m taking the time to care for myself, be that going to bed earlier to rest up for a long day ahead, or putting on the richest body lotion I own after a long, hot shower. I’m setting aside the time to write blog posts and to check out my followers (both old and new). I see what you write and try to find a way to work their tips and tricks into my life to help me become a more-rounded human being.

Can you relate to any of these scribbles? Let me know below. Be happy. 


3 comments on “Friday scribbles.

  1. I can relate to your scribbles. I have to continually remind myself to keep my “to do” lists realistic and focus on the purpose of what I am doing at the moment. This helps me not be over critical of myself (or others) and helps me enjoy each moment and the people in my life.


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