October’s charitable donation.

As part of my 22 for 22 list, I’m trying to give a small amount to charity each month. Last month I gave to the World Wildlife Fund. This month – as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through purchasing a Breast Cancer Lokai Bracelet (available through October 31st). I’ve bought bracelets from them before – the Make-A-Wish bracelet, and the Oceana bracelet. As someone who knows a lot of people who have been affected by breast cancer (grandparents, family friends, friends’ siblings), this is certainly a cause close to my heart.

Like last month, this might not be the largest donation on the earth, but I live in hope that it’ll play a part in making the world a better place. 

Which charities should I check out for my next donation? Leave me some suggestions in the comments! 

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