November goals

Ok, so October flew by and now apparently it’s November and I’m sat in an airport waiting to board my plane to Canada. Like, excuse me? I feel like I met the majority of my goals for last month. I didn’t necessarily sit down and fill out my applications for PhDs, but I did email professors from schools I was interested in, and I have meetings with them in Canada. That’s far more productive in my book. I passed my GRE well enough to get into the schools that I want to apply to (I also treated myself to some candles for that, so expect some kind of blog post in the near future..). School-work wise, I’ve stayed fairly on top of it but, like finances, it’s something I always need to work on in one way or another. I’ve some goals for this month, so let’s see what I’ve got! 


To get those PhD applications in. Literally everything is ready to go, it’s just a matter of finding the time to sit down and actually fill out & submit it all. When I’m back from Canada, I’ve got the Friday off from school for Veteran’s Day, so I think I’ll spend a good chunk of my day doing that. 

To stay on top of my school work. I’m doing fairly well with this, so I’d just like to keep it going this month I think – especially during this busy month. I’ve got a few papers due in December so I’d like to get a good head start on those. 

Find the balance between schoolwork and play. With all that being said, I really need to make sure that I find a decent balance between work and play. Although it’s going to be a busy 6 weeks or so, I don’t want to be constantly holed up in my room or in the library 24/7. So finding time to hang out with friends or just chill out will be good for me.

To just take a step back and breathe every now and thenSo important for me over the next few weeks or so. I have a tendency to let myself get overwhelmed, so just taking a step back and re-evaluating once or twice a week will prove to be super beneficial, I think. Well, here’s hoping at least…!

Have you set any goals for this month? Let me know below. If you’re new and liked this post, firstly hello! how are you?. If you really liked this post, why not check out my other posts (using the tabs at the top of the page) and hit the follow button for more?


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