Changing up my posting schedule..

It’s official; I’m in my last semester of my Master’s degree. I honestly couldn’t tell you where the last 18 months have gone!

Due to this, and a new class/teaching schedule, I’ve had to change up the days that I post here on my blog. Recently, it’s been a little all over the place – I’ve tried to stick to 3 times a week, but the days haven’t been consistent. I used to stick rigidly to M, W, F. But I now teach on all of those days. I have all my classes and meetings on those days; it just doesn’t make sense to make myself stressed. Instead, I’ll be posting on the following days, at the following times (all EST). 

Mondays: 10:30am (EST)

Thursdays: 9am (EST)

Saturdays: 9am (EST)

That means that this post will be the last Wednesday post for a while..Thanks for sticking with me through these weird transition period. You all rock. For sure. Peace and love and all good things. 


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