The one about strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve been thinking about this post since I got my first invitations through for PhD interviews. My advisor sent me through some questions to prepare & the notion of strengths and weaknesses features on almost every single webpage that he sent me. I thought today I’d write about what I consider to be my greatest strengths and weaknesses. Interestingly, I think I can classify most of these as falling into both categories. 

Perfectionist: Honestly, this is the first one that sprung to my mind. Being a perfectionist has its pros and cons, for sure. The good side to this one is that I’ll never do something by halves. I’ll never hand in a piece of work that I’m just not happy with. I’m (usually) super motivated to be the absolute best that I can. The ugly side to this is that anything less than perfect just isn’t good enough. I’ll go through the same paper 10 times, revising teeny-tiny aspects each time, debating a single word that barely changes the meaning of the sentence. My housemates lovingly (I think..) refer to me as an overachieving perfectionist. It’s true.  I can’t help it. It’s embedded into me! 

Compassion: I’ve literally just finished having a conversation with my sister about this. Compassion is great. I think it’s actually a fantastic trait to have. However, I can’t ever seem to leave someone else’s problems with them. I take them with me and they just sit in my brain on top of my own problems. I cried when my hamster died (probably not helped by just getting off an 8 hour flight and having not slept for 26 hours) because I think she suffocated. My heart tore. I can’t bear violence, or even the mention of it. It can actually be a bit of a barrier, to be honest. I have to work so hard to detach myself from other people’s problems and focus on myself. 

What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? Let me know below! If you’re a brand new visitor to my blog, welcome, please roam around my site & if you like it click on the lil “follow” button that appears. If you’ve been here for the long haul, congratulations & thanks for sticking by me. You all rock. Love and peace and good things to you all. 


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