The Monday Motivation

I won’t lie about it. The last two weeks have been horrific. I’ve felt unmotivated and as a result have been super unproductive both in my school work and with my fitness. However, after such a productive weekend, I’m feeling good and motivated. I’m ready to get my editing done, my revision done, and my butt back in that gym. Here’s how I’ve motivated myself for this week.

Sarah’s Day: This video really got me going, for some reason. I find her approach to health and fitness so refreshing and it’s just really inspired me to try and be as active as I can this week. 

The Anna Edit: Her most recent video all about a more mindful morning routine really got me thinking about how I can make the most of my mornings before I work or go to classes. I loved some of her easy to implement ideas which will help my day get off to a better start.

The Elgina Avenue: This blog post was linked in the description bar of Anna’s video, so I thought I’d give it a little read, and I was so pleased that I did. Monica’s approach to 2017 generally is one that I hope to emulate for the remainder of the year. I loved her break down on morning, day and night & I feel like most of what she’s listed is pretty attainable. If I try/remember/keep on top of it. 

How are you approaching your Monday? Let me know below. To anyone who’s been following me since pretty much the dawn of time, thank you. To anyone who’s new here and just started following me, thank you. To anyone who’s super super new and hasn’t clicked follow yet; why not have a lil roam around my site and click the follow button that appears? Love & good things to you all. 


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