The Vans vs. Converse Debate

For such a long time, I was a Converse girl. Then I became a Vans girl. And then a Converse girl again. In fact until about a week ago, I hadn’t touched my Vans in about a year. Today, I’m chatting all about my favorite ways to style each shoe; for canvas-based plimsolls, they definitely give off different vibes, right..? There’s only one rule I have about them, though; white Converse, black Vans (controversial, I know). 


For a while, Vans were my go-to gig going and dodgy club going shoe. They’ve been through a lot, to be honest. Sticky jam-packed clubs for teeny-tiny artists, Wembley stadium for One Direction; they’ve done it all. In fact, you can literally see bits of different clubs on these shoes (they are heading for 5 years old..). Recently, however, I’ve been loving wearing them with baggy pants and plain t-tshirts. Keeping it all very simple. I’m learning to re-appriciate them, if I’m being totally honest.  


White converse (dirty, of course; can’t be dealing with pristine white Converse!), on the other hand, have been my go-to shoe in the warmer months for the past year or so. I actually ended up wearing my previous pair out last summer just before I went to the west coast and ended up replacing them in Las Vegas, of all places! I literally wear them with everything, but my favorite way to style them is a pair of jeans (blue, black, take your pick) with the bottoms rolled up with, yup you guessed it, a striped shirt of some kind. Saying that though, I have been digging my denim shirt recently, so there may be some competition there! 


Converse or Vans, and how do you style them? Let me know below! If you’re a newbie, hello!, why not have a little look round and click the follow button to see all my posts! If you’ve been here a while, thank you!, I’m glad you’re here. Peace, love and good things to you all. 


2 comments on “The Vans vs. Converse Debate

  1. I’ve been more of a converse girl in the past but the only vans I’ve ever had were those slip on ones that never really suited me. My style was either jeans, or knee length denim skirt in the summer, plain t-shirt and cardigan with a pair of converse. I had quite a few colours and patterns along with a lot of cheap own brand versions over the years. I’ve sort of gone away from them having finally found sandals that suit my feet in the summer and boots for the winter but it’s nice to know they’re always there if I want them. I do have some cheap ones with a flower pattern and a zip up the inside I’ve been living in the past couple of summers so I guess I still am a converse girl really, lol.

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  2. I love both of these shoes I can’t choose between them!

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