My go-to eyeshadow palettes

I’ve always been an eye-makeup kinda girl. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of the smokey eye, of black liner (in either liquid, kohl or eyeshadow form) and lashings of mascara. I’ve also been the proud owner of multiple eyeshadow palettes & have found that there are some that I reach for more than others. I currently have 5 on the go (I know, it’s ridiculous), but am attempting to use them all up before I buy any more. I thought I’d take you through those 5 palettes today, showing you my go-to colors in each and the shades I’d like to get brave enough to wear someday soon.

Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Beach Goddess Palette; This is by far the cheapest of the bunch & is made up of 3 cheek products and 9 eyeshadows. Because of the beach theme, the majority of the eye colors have a gold or bronze undertone; perfect for bringing out the green in my eyes. They also have the world’s cutest names; all beach-themed, again. My favorite shades in here are Maui (golden-copper)  and St. Barts (coppery-red). The Belize bronzer is also fantastic. Such good value for money!

Clarins Limited Edition The Essentials Palette (no longer available); every Christmas, Clarins release a new eyeshadow palette made up of natural colors based around a couple of key shades. I love these palettes and have the three most recent ones with no shame whatsoever! The shadows are buttery soft and blend like you wouldn’t even believe. I use a lot of the paler, brown-toned, neutral shades but tend to avoid the darker shades on a day to day basis. Although saying that, I do love the black shade in the second palette as a liner shade.

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette (not available any more – what?!?!); I’ve spoken about this palette so much recently on here. I love love love purple shades as they really bring out my eyes, like the red-toned browns in here too. I’m not even sure that I can pick favorite shades from here, to be honest. In fact the only one I’ve not really used is probably the bright purple called JellyJammin’ is a great liner shade for the days when I don’t want black and I alternate between the others every time I use this palette.

Do you have any go-to palettes? Let me know below! Thanks for taking the time to read my lil ramblings. If you’re new and liked them, why not click the little follow button? If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, thank you! Hoping that good things come to you all. 


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