Fitness from my bedroom

Despite having a gym membership that I use constantly, there are times when I just can’t be bothered to drive the 10 minutes to and from the gym (first world problems, I know). This means that I’ve searched high and low on YouTube for the best workout videos out there and I thought I’d compile my favorites right here in a post for you all. Be sure to let me know if you try any out, and give me your recommendations too if you think I’ve missed any good ones! If you’re a newbie here, hello, why not click on the follow button? If you’ve been around a while, thanks. Love and peace and good things to you all. 


Sarah’s Day – Ab Shredder Workout; I did this 15 minute workout today and honestly, it killed me. But she made it fun. Like, it didn’t feel like 15 minutes, which is always a bonus. Mainly because abs are my least favorite area to train.. 

Sarah’s Day – Fat Burner Full Body Workout; Again, a bit of a killer, but the 15 minutes definitely doesn’t feel like 15 minutes! 

Love Sweat Fitness – Ultimate Body Workout, Hot Body HIIT; Super hardcore, gets you working a sweat, super good. There, I said it. 

Love Sweat Fitness – Toned Arms & Sexy Sculpted Back Workout; This is honestly one of the nicest workouts ever. It doesn’t kill me, but I can definitely feel it working, if that makes sense..? 

Love Sweat Fitness – 5 Minute Love Handle Melt Down; I actually love this video as it targets the ab/stomach bit that no other videos really tend to get. Be sure to check it out!

Ballet Beautiful – Strong & Sexy Swan Arms Workout; Ok, looking at these exercises you’d think that they’re not that hard. Wrong. Every time my arms kill. I literally do this three times a week and it never gets any easier. Proof that it’s working my muscles, right..? 

Yoga With Adriene – Yoga Stretch; Literally the juiciest workout ever. Everyone needs some self-love, right?

Yoga With Adriene – Core Strength Ritual; I feel like a lot of people hear the word ‘yoga’ and can’t picture it being a workout. Well, if that’s you, this abs video is going to prove you wrong! I went through a phase of using it religiously last year, but then took some time away from it, only for me to rediscover this beauty a week or so ago. 

Yoga With Adriene – Yoga Tone; Yoga For Weight Loss; Again, proof that yoga does provide a workout. Get on this bad boy to tone your entire body. 

Also worth a mention are @ellefit and @activewithd who both have stretching guides that tone, but don’t kill you on the daily.


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