Candles, candles…and a few more candles.

If you’re new to this blog, or have just been hiding under a rock, you’ll be totally aware that I am a candle girl all the way. I love to light candles all year round, so I go through them at the rate of knots. That being said, I like to think that I buy ‘well.’ I wait until a big old sale comes up and then I’ll buy more for less, if that makes any sense at all. Recently Bath & Body Works had a $10 off sale on all their 3-wick candles, so I took advantage (big time) and stocked up on some spring candles. 


Copper Coconut: The least spring-like of the lot, this honestly smells just like the beach and that kind of tropical scent you always find on holiday! Coconuts x sea salt x an undertone of amber and I’ve been transported to the Maldives, or something. 

Jasmine Waters: Currently burning in my room that has a super soft water smell (if that can even be a thing). I love the smell of jasmine; it’s so delicate, but fragrant at the same time. This scent also has a teeny bit of violet poking through to give it some extra depth. 

Beach Blossoms: Summery, but not in the same way as Copper Coconut. A water-like scent, but more ocean-y. A soft musky, water scent. I’m not describing this well, am I..? I promise it smells great! 

Mineral Springs: I’m sensing a pattern here..lots of water-based scents! A very soothing scent with a tiny dash of lily in it, again giving the scent a little more depth. There’s also the faintest hint of lime to keep the scent from being too cloying. 

Wild Sage and Aloe: Ah, finally, I move away from the water scents…! Probably the most refreshing scent that I purchased out of the lot, to be honest. A really crisp fragrance that’ll be perfect if spring ever decides to grace Massachusetts (I’m talking about you, winter storm Stella).

What’s your go-to candle scent this spring? Have you been caught by winter storm Stella? Let me know below! If you’re a newbie, hi, why not click follow to see my ramblings constantly? If you’ve been here a good old while, thank you. Peace and love and all the good things in the world to you all. 


3 comments on “Candles, candles…and a few more candles.

  1. You’ve made me want to sniff all of these so badly! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. I do love a good candle haul. These all sound nice, I like those water type scents for spring. Either that or the fruit salad from Yankee is one I love for this time of year too or apple.scents in general.


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