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The final stretch

It’s hard to believe that I’m in the final stretch of my Master’s degree, that I’m adding the finishing touches to my footnotes and bibliography for my thesis, that I’m doing my final prep for my big upcoming oral exam (please send good vibes my way). In a time of stress (and very little sleep), I thought I’d run through my must-have products for survival! 

Vitamin C – For me, my immune system is the first thing to go when I’m stressed and running on very little sleep. I take a multivitamin every day, but find that I have to up my Vitamin C intake at times like these. Airborne, or products similar to that (I’m using sachets from CVS), are great for this. I mix one up and usually drink it with my lunch.

Some kind of meal plan – If you’re anything like me, eating well is the last thing on my mind while I’m stressing out! Every Saturday or Sunday, I try to cook one or two big meals that I can either freeze (or keep in my fridge) and reheat. My go-tos are chili, curry, bolognese sauce; hearty stuff like that, that keeps energy high. 

Caffeine – Speaking of energy, caffeine is a must for me in the final stretch. Though, I am mindful of how much I put into my body. I’ll either have a mug of coffee and two mugs of caffeinated tea, or just four mugs of caffeinated tea. Any more than that and I’m shaking and ill/not sleeping at all! 

Organizational tools – I have a multitude of organizational tools, but I find that a planner and a notebook are absolutely essential. The planner is great for me to see long-term goals/commitments, while I write daily goals in my notebook at the beginning of each day (based on what my planner tells me). Both of these little bits of stationary came from my best friend for Christmas – she clearly knew what was about to happen! If you’re more of an online person, the Streaks app might be well worth checking out. 

A way to relax – Finally, and perhaps most importantly, finding a way to relax and breathe is absolutely key during times of stress. I personally love to reward myself with an hour of Netflix after a long day of editing and revision. In the mornings, I love to meditate for 10 minutes in the morning with the Headspace app just to really clear my mind for the day ahead.

What are your must-haves and top tips for stressful times? Let me know below (I need all the help I can get!). If you’re new and liked what you just read, why not click the follow button to see my ramblings all the time? If you’ve been here a while, thank you, you all rock! Love and peace and good things to you all. 


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