The Thing About Spring

I love spring. For me it marks the end of winter and the beginning of new life; the blossoms on the trees that lead to the most stunning flowers. The birth of teeny tiny little lambs. The ability to be able to get outside without freezing every time I do so (though saying that, I don’t think that Massachusetts actually got the spring memo..). Here are a few more things that I love about the season of spring..

It’s not pitch black when I wake up! I’m naturally a fairly early riser, but it can be difficult when it’s super dark when I first wake up. Though it’s still fairly dark when my alarm goes off, it doesn’t stay that way for long, and I know soon that the sun’ll be up before me. That makes me happy!

I also love the longer days. As we head for the summer equinox, the days are becoming quite noticeably longer; it’s not dark at 5pm any more! This actually helps me to be far more productive, as dark for me usually equates to laziness or bed!  

Finally, I’m all about that warmer weather. I love being outside and not freezing while I’m there. I’m ready for barbecues and picnics with my friends. I’m just ready to not be in my house, like, all the time. However, if someone wants to just send a friendly reminder to Massachusetts that we’re basically in April and that it’d be ok to stop snowing, I’d really appreciate it. 


What’s your favorite thing about spring? Let me know below! If you’re new, why not click follow to get all of my little rambling? If you’ve been here a while; thank you. You all rock. Love and good things to you all. 


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