Everyday Hygge

Ever since reading The Little Book of Hygge, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the concept. Some of Meik Wiking’s opening words really identified with me & I’m on a mission to incorporate hygge into my life. But on the cheap (I am a student after all). Here’s how I’m doing hygge on a student’s budget. 

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First up is the essential for hygge: light, but in particular, candles. Long time readers of my blog will be totally aware that I have a serious obsession with candles; especially the scented ones from Bath and Body Works. I burn them at least once a day, mainly at night for that real glow. I find another good source of hygge-esque light comes from fairy, or string, lights. I picked some up from Target for about $5 and love the effect they give when it’s all dusk-y outside. 

Comfort is also totally essential for creating some good hygge. And comfort comes in a number of forms. For me, comfort can be found in a good pair of pants (trousers if we’re being British about it..) and a cracking pair of fluffy socks. I’m obsessed with Elephant pants, in particular (I’ve basically lived in them for the last 2 weeks of my life..). I have, like, three different pairs and I just alternate them. People aren’t even questioning it any more. In terms of fluffy socks, my favorites have to be a pair that Father Christmas put in my stocking this past Christmas. They’re penguin-esque and cute and the best things for flying and being comfortable, and I just really love them. 

Hygge can also be created through food and drink. For me, there’s nothing better than a good mug of English breakfast tea…at any time of day. In terms of food, I find that thick, stodgy food is a great way to create hygge on the cheap. I love potato based dishes, but also thick chilis and pasta sauces too. 

What are your feelings on hygge? Let me know below! Be sure to click the follow button if you’re not already, too. Love and peace and good things to you all. 


2 comments on “Everyday Hygge

  1. I adored reading The Little Book of Hygge! I completely agree candles and fairy lights are the way forward, I love them because they make nice little corners in my attic room!!

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