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Tips: Decluttering your beauty stash

Today (well, yesterday when you read this), I submitted my Master’s thesis. Then, I decided to start the declutter that I’ve been putting off for the last 6 months (no word of a lie). I started with what might be my biggest problem: my makeup and beauty stash. Everything from makeup products, to body care stuff, face washes, perfumes, hair care – you name it, I decluttered it. Here are my top tips on how to go about it. 

From this…
…to this.
  1. Tip it all out: Literally. Get it all on the floor in front of you. Make a cup of tea. Prepare yourself.
  2. Look at the use-by dates: This is the first real step and is particularly useful for makeup items. Looking through my makeup collection, I found foundations that were well over a year old, there was definitely a two year old mascara in there (don’t judge me!), and powder products that were heading for four years old. It was horrific. Anything past the expiry date should go in the trash.
  3. Get honest about what you use on a day to day basis: I feel as though my daily makeup collection is pretty honed down, to be honest, so for me this didn’t require too much thinking. Anything that I use on a near-daily basis went straight back into my little Clarins makeup bag. The same goes for other products, too. I had two cans of hairspray in my collection, but only one that I actually used.
  4. Figure out if you change your products by season: This goes for makeup, body care products, hair care products – the whole lot. After sorting through my day to day stuff, I was still left with a fair number of products.  In fairness, some of these were body lotions, shampoos, and shower gels that were waiting to be used. Those automatically got kept, because I know that I will use them. For the rest of the products, I had to get a little harsh with myself. I ended up pretty much chucking everything bar three products: my Eye Definer from the Body Shop in Burnished Amber, the Clarins Blush Prodige in Soft Peach, and the Bourjois Bronzing Powder – mainly because these get worn solely in the summer. There’s something about a gold-toned eyeliner that doesn’t look quite right in the depths of winter!
  5. Chuck the rest: Let’s be real, if you’ve had a product for a while and you barely use it, what are the chances you’re going to use it in the future..? I found so many products that I’d just totally forgotten about, but clearly for a reason.
  6. Pop it all back: There’s something so rewarding about being able to put back your beauty stash and only taking up half the room that you needed before!

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