Decluttering: The Best Places to Look for Tips

After the love that this post received the other day, I thought I’d continue on the decluttering track. In my quest to reduce my possessions quite considerably, I’ve been through varying books, articles, blog posts, and YouTube videos to try and hunt down the best tips. I thought I’d share my favorite with you right here!


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up: Probably the obvious one, I think. I love Marie Kondo’s realistic and straightforward approach to tidying. I chucked out well over 6 bags of trash (and 2 bags of clothes and books for the charity shop) because they didn’t spark the joy that she spends so much time talking about. I’m also utilizing her tips on storage as best I can in my weird little student room..!  

Makeup Is Taking Over My Life,” Nancy Newman: Watching Nancy get real and kind of brutal with her makeup as I was sorting mine was a real kick up the butt. If she could get rid of old products, or just stuff she didn’t use, so could I. Definitely worth a watch. 

How To Declutter Your Makeup Collection,” The Anna Edit: Anna chats through her top tips on how to reduce your makeup collection quite substantially – especially worth noting are the use-by dates, which I never really took much notice of. A lot of her decluttering videos are actually well worth a watch, to be honest, but I won’t discuss them all here! 

10 Tips To Declutter Your Life,” Rachelleea: A nifty little video to watch if you feel as though you’re struggling, or just can’t figure out why you’re spending your precious free time decluttering. Like Anna, Rachel has a lot of decluttering videos that are definitely worth watching.

Are you decluttering at the moment, or even just thinking about it? How’s it going? Let me know below! If you’re new here, why not check out my other posts and click the subscribe button to stay up to date with my ramblings. If you’ve been here a while, thank you!


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