New Things for my Face and Body.

The other day, I hit the mall (although I didn’t actually buy that much). While I was there, however, I did manage to pick up a couple of bits for my face and body from Sephora and Bath and Body Works..

First up, the stuff from Sephora. I replaced my trusty Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturizer. I’ve spoken about this multiple times, but I love it. So much. So much. For a tinted moisturizer, it’s got a fantastic coverage! A little pricey, but it’s taken me a good while to get through my first tube! I also picked up a new concealer – my old one is just too dry for my skin and not great, to be honest. After some help from the nice Sephora lady, I settled on the Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème. I tried it properly for the first time last night and boy is this stuff pigmented! It covers everything. A little expensive, but totally worth it! 


Next up, the two bits from Bath and Body Works. I picked up a new shower gel and a a new hand sanitizer in the most summery scents I could find! I grabbed a little pocket back in the fragrance Honolulu Sun to take my brain (and germs) to the beach and a shower gel in Waikiki Beach Coconut. The scents of salt-water, fresh bamboo, and pink passion-flower keep it super fresh, but the addition of coconut gives it some summer-time goodness! 


Have you picked up any new face and body stuff recently? Let me know below if you have! If you’re a newbie, why not check out the rest of my posts & click follow if you’re liking what you’re seeing. If you’ve been here a while, thank you so much! Love and good things to you all. 


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