May Empties

I literally cannot believe we’re in June. JUNE. Holy moly. I went through a fair few products last month, so grab a cuppa and something to eat because this is going to take us a little while.. 

FullSizeRender-2I somehow made my way through three candles this month – all from Bath and Body Works. The first was their Sage and Aloe candle, which is such a lush, refreshing scent. It’s almost kind of musky, but not cloying. Then came Beach Blossoms which was musky, a literally smelt like sea air – again without being too cloying. The final one was their Copper Coconut candle which, quite honestly, made me want to be sick after a while. I have never smelt anything quite so sweet in my life. It certainly smells better when it’s not burning. In all honesty, the moment those wicks burnt out was probably one of the better moments of May. 


I also made my way through a fair few body care items. The first certainly isn’t that exciting (Secret’s Pasion de Tango Clear Gel Deodorant), and I also finished up my travel-size of Clean&Clear’s Morning Burst Face Scrub which I’ve mentioned in a fair few posts (including this one). I also finished up a shower gel that I got for Christmas – the Jack Wills Hope Cove Body Wash. I’m a huge fan of this scent anyway, so I was so pleased to receive it in a body wash form! Finally, I made my way through the Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop. It’s so intensely moisturizing and made the absolute perfect base for my fake tan to go over.


Finally comes the beauty bits that I managed to use up last month. Since graduating, I’ve noticed that I rarely wear makeup – only really on special occasions – so I’m not going through as much foundation, concealer, etc., as normal. I did, however, finish up a tube of Bourjois’ Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara (what a shocker…). This is literally my all time favorite mascara that I can only get in the UK. Guess what I’ll be stocking up on over summer! I also got through a can of Batiste’s Dry Shampoo, which isn’t too far out of the ordinary for me. I usually get through about a can every three weeks, so should maybe start looking into bulk buying, to be honest! Finally, I finished up a bottle of Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water. This stuff takes a while to get through, so I’m kind of impressed that I managed it. I use this every day without fail: even if I’ve not worn any make up. It just makes my face feel good, and clean, and refreshed.


What did you use up in the month of May? Let me know below! If you’re new here, why not take a look around and click the follow button? If you’ve been here a fair while, thank you! Love and peace and good things to you all. 


4 comments on “May Empties

  1. Love that Micellar water ! Lovely post

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  2. I’d really like to try that cleansing water, I’m glad to hear that it actually works!

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