The Summer Nail Edit

Happy summer solstice! To celebrate summer finally reaching the U.K., I thought I’d do a quick round up of my top five nail polishes – one of which is currently on my nails as I type this..

L-R: Sour Apple, Cotton Candy, Garden Variety, Y2714, Bubblegum

In the summer pinks, for some reason, come into play a lot more. In fact, my I feel as though nails are the one part of my outfit/makeup that I’ll really add color to. This which leads me to my first polish: Avon’s Cotton Candy (currently on my nails). This must have been released a couple years ago, but I still find myself reaching for it every summer. One coat means you can still see your nail underneath. Two, on the other hand, provides a subtle candy pink color. Sticking with the pinks, is another Avon polish, though this time a gel finish. This polish unfortunately comes with no name (it does have a product code: Y2714), but is the most stunning hot pink that, truly, only needs one coat.

Though pink is often my nail color of choice in the warmer months, I also find myself turning to very light polishes. More specifically, I’ve reignited my love for the Barry M Confetti Nail Paints. I’ve been loving the shades Bubblegum (a blue and white combo) and Sour Apple (a light green and yellow mix). I love that there’s a slight hint of color, but it’s not totally overpowering. Also (and a total life hack), if it starts to chip, the nature of these polishes means that you don’t notice until it gets real bad. I actually wore the Bubblegum shade to my cousin’s birthday party on Saturday, and it got the 8 year old seal of approval!

Finally, the black blue horse in all of this. Essie’s Garden Variety is such a jewel-like teal blue that is perfect for the summer. I mentioned this in my Spring Nail Edit, and my thoughts certainly haven’t changed!

What are your go-to nail colors for the summer? Be sure to let me know below! If you’re new, be sure to have a look around and to click on the subscribe/follow button. If you’ve been here a while, thank you. Love and good things to you all.


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