Pick of the Podcasts

Hello world, I’m back! The last week or so have been spent making the mammoth journey from Massachusetts to California (via car..) ready for me to start my PhD in a few weeks time. 3000 miles is a fair old way, so I’ve been listening to podcasts galore – they’re my way of staying un contact with the world. Here are my current top picks.


“At Home With…”: Although this series by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton has come to an end, I still find myself listening to it. Featuring some pretty inspirational women, Lily and Anna enter the homes of 10 of their favorite women and talk all things beauty, health, lifestyle, and more. Favorite guests include Lisa Eldridge, Kate Johnson, and Giovanna Fletcher. 


“Hey, It’s OK”: This Glamour podcast takes potentially controversial issues (is it ok to…hate your engagement period?, for example) and makes pretty well known names discuss them. Funny, clever, and witty, I could listen to this for hours on end! I loved the podcast with Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton, Douglas Booth, Claire Balding, and Jamie Campbell-Bower. 


“Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy”: I’m not generally a massive sports fan – I  follow a lot of cricket and rugby, and that’s about it. That being said, this has fast become one of my favorite podcasts. Take three ex-professional sportsmen, pop them in a studio and make them discuss current topics in sport/the world more generally, and it’s pretty darn insightful. 


“Desert Island Discs”: A true British classic. The idea is that a celebrity is being cast away to a desert island. They can pick 8 discs/pieces of music to take with them. In the end, they can save only one. This series provides such an insight into celebrities’ lives, dispelling a lot of the rumors that surround them on a daily basis. Recent favorites have included Hugh Bonneville, Stella McCartney, Ed Sheerhan, Jimmy Carr, and Nigel Owens. 


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