My Go-To Core Workouts on YouTube

YouTube is, quite frankly, a wonderful thing. Full to the brim of trained professionals who film workouts for us to do in the comfort of our bedrooms, we can often be spoilt for choice. Core/ab workouts make up a big part of my back rehabilitation, so I thought I’d compile my favorite ones here (that don’t make my back worse!) – so you can see what I love, but so I also have a list to keep coming back to, too. 


YogaRox Full Core Tone: Short and sweet, but killer. Don’t be fooled by the 10 minute time stamp on this one! This workout really works your core, but in that lovely way that yoga’s so good at doing. Prepare to ache a little bit the next day! 

Yoga With Adriene Core Strength RitualYoga With Adriene Core Strength Ritual: Another day, another yoga video. This is a long standing favorite of mine that makes you work, but in a way that doesn’t totally feel like working! 

LoveSweatFitness Chainsmokers Closer Abs Challenge: Again, a short and sweet one. Prep yourself to work up a sweat with this workout set to ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers. And because you’re singing along to the song in your head, it barely feels as though any time has passed! 

LoveSweatFitness No Crunch Flat Abs Workout: If you hate the idea of laying on the floor and doing crunches, this one is for you. Works your core all while being stood up!

Do you have any go to core workouts? Let me know below! I’ll be back soon with a compilation of leg and arm workouts for you guys to peruse. Love and peace to you all! 


3 comments on “My Go-To Core Workouts on YouTube

  1. I am obsessed with the Love Sweat Fitness channel!

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