Two Years of America

Tomorrow marks exactly two years since I moved out to the USA (initially Massachusetts, now California). I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve learned about the country and myself since upping sticks and hopping on a plane 24 months ago.



American tea sucks: It’s been two years and I still can’t get over the American’s excuse for English Breakfast Tea. Even the “real English” stuff is horrendous. I’ve resorted to putting a box or two in my case before flying back out, and sending my mum an “SOS” text when I’m running perilously low…



Homesickness is totally a thing: Though I don’t get homesick all that often, when it hits, it hits real hard. The last time it happened bad was actually in a Thai restaurant a couple of weeks ago, where I sobbed into my curry, at my dad, at the waiter. It was fantastic



My two little big feet are stronger than I ever thought: All that being said, my feet are still going strong. They’ve dealt with a lot over the past two years – more than I’d normally give myself credit for, to be honest. So kudos to me and my feet. 



I miss Monster Munch: Ending on a more trivial note, I miss Monster Munch and other British delicacies (such a Prawn Cocktail Walkers) big time. The only place I used to be able to get this stuff was at a little store in Northampton MA called Brits R Us, but alas, I don’t live anywhere near there at all. Plus import tax makes it all super expensive. So very sad. 


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