My Go-To Leg/Butt Workouts on YouTube

There’s an absolute abundance of leg/butt focused workouts on YouTube. Seeing as my post about my go-to abs/core workouts went down so well, here are the four leg/butt workouts that I constantly find myself turning to…


YogaRox 10 Minute Yoga Butt: I mentioned YogaRox in my core workout picks and a similar premise stands – short and sweet, but don’t be fooled. Bit of a killer, this one! A good one if you’ve got a hectic schedule and only a few minutes to spare.

Ballet Beautiful Lean Hips and Outer Thighs Workout: Again, a short but sweet/killer workout for your outer legs. This’ll definitely make you feel the lactic acid build up as you get through the workout. I guarantee you’ll be cursing under your breath by the end of it! 

Ballet Beautiful Lean and Firm Inner Thighs Workout: Even shorter than the previous two workouts, but just as grueling. If you’re not breaking a sweat/hating on life by the end of it, you’re one up on me! 

ToneItUp BIKINI SERIES “The Best Lower Body Workout”: This takes the form of a 10 minute HIIT workout, and definitely puts you through your paces. It’s a great one to really get your heart pumping, all while toning your lower body. 

Do you have any go to leg/butt workouts? Let me know below! I’ll be back soon with a compilation arm/back workouts for you guys. Love and peace to you all! 


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