Why I’ve Ditched the Highlighter (for the time being…)

I know, I know. Stop the press. Kathryn isn’t using highlighter (I am suffering some withdrawal symptoms..). 


It’s mainly because I’ve moved to California. It’s hot here. Northern Central California is currently on an “excessive heat warning,” reaching highs of 110f/45c. It’s real hot. I just don’t need highlighter – I’m creating my own natural highlight in this weather, to be honest!



Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 8.31.52 PM

Instead, I’m relying on bronzer to get me through the last of the summer. I’m not super into matte bronzers in the summer, preferring ones with a slight hint of sparkle. They’ve got to be subtle, though. No giant chunks of glitter on my face, please and thank you. I’m a long time fan of TooFaced’s Beach Bunny Bronzer and just love the effect that swirling the four stripes of color together on your brush gives.

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 8.32.24 PM

I’ve also just developed an obsession with Becca’s Sunlit Bronzer in Capri Coast. This is a slightly more orangey-pink toned bronzer than TooFaced’s one. As with a lot of Becca products, this bronzer is super highly pigmented, so a little definitely goes a long way! 

Are you reaching for highlighters or bronzers more this summer? Let me know below! 


7 comments on “Why I’ve Ditched the Highlighter (for the time being…)

  1. I can relate! The world heat is soooo hot thAt im blotting my fave every 5 minutes and using neither highlight nor bronzer- just cover up and blush!

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  2. I’ve never tried the Becca Bronzers but have always been interested! And girl I can relate. I live in Atlanta and the southern heat is a mess, it’s easy to create your own glow for sure! xo

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    • The one I use is the lightest shade they have. It’s pretty pigmented, so a light hand is definitely necessary! But I love the texture of the product and its finish too.
      But heck yes to that natural glow! X

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  3. it’s summer here & I’m definitely reaching for my highlight much less, if at all! great post girl 😄

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