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The Stages of Buying New Jeans Online…via GIFs

I am potentially the laziest human being I know when it comes to shopping for jeans. Gimme a laptop over actually setting foot into a store any day. However, when my body is shaped the way it is (5’10”, giant hips, tiny waist, 33″ legs – the list goes on), it can be sort of difficult to find jeans. Here’s what happens to me every time I have to repurchase a pair. 

When you see a style of jean that you like…


…only to find that there are giant rips in the knees (c’mon I’m buying for winter here, I don’t want cold knees.).


When your size is in stock…


…but you catch sight of your basket total because you’ve panicked and bought about 30 different sizes to account for literally everything and anything


…only to find that none of them fit when they arrive. 


So. Back to the drawing board. 


And the Post Office. Again.
(Let’s all take a hot second to appreciate the beauty that is free returns. Saving ya girl many dollars a year.) 


But then…


…some kind of magic happens…


…and you find a pair that fits perfectly.


You conveniently forget about all the trauma you’ve just been through…


…and praise the wonders of internet shopping to everyone who might be willing to listen. 


Can any of you relate to this post? Let me know where you are on the timeline in the comments below. I’m currently at the “Post Office” GIF around halfway though…



2 comments on “The Stages of Buying New Jeans Online…via GIFs

  1. Love this so much! It’s such a hassle trying to find jeans online, but I’m with you, I’d much rather shop from the comfort of my own home than have to step foot in a department store. I’m currently at the stage of receiving everything in the mail and….you guessed it, NOTHING fits. Like how?!?! I have the opposite problem. I’m short (5’3) so everything is super long on me and sometimes the skinny jeans suffocate my calves (thanks to those 15+ years of competitive dancing). The struggle is real out here. 😩

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    • Oh, I so feel your pain. The guys at the Post Office are starting to get to know me quite well – I’m constantly in there sending back jeans at the moment. Hopefully we’ll find our dream pairs super soon!

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